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We don't need to replace your existing systems, our cloud service enhances information sharing and data control.

Power Apps

These examples can help you think about how to use an app, instead of traditional paper notes, to run your business:

  • Equipment in the field - Often, company representatives who visit customers in the field carry clipboards to help guarantee a paper trail of parts with scheduled replacement dates. By running an app on a tablet, reps can look up the customer's equipment, see a picture of a part, test and analyze the part, and then order new parts. Reps can perform these tasks on-site instead of leaving the customer's warehouse.

  • Restaurant employee management - Employees of a large restaurant might fill out work schedules and vacation requests on a piece of paper that's affixed to a wall. With PowerApps running on everyone's smartphone, employees can simply open the app to record the same information, anywhere, any time. The app can even send reminders for the start of the next day's shift.

  • Cloud based integration tool that can be used across a multitude of systems.

  • Applications include BI and reporting, Business Portals, ERP Connectors, Hospitality POS, Integration and Retail Connectors, Order Applications.

  • Extract, Transform and Load data through user interfaces in the Azure Cloud - Zero Development Environment.

  • Build connections fast and transform data seamlessly.

  • Integrate to customers and suppliers easily to eliminate manual data capture.

  • Build Portals to integrate and share information with your supply-chain.

  • Connect your business systems to improve efficiency.

  • Powerful integration and data management to supercharge your e-commerce systems.

  • Enhance payment systems through full procure to pay integration.

  • Transform and consolidate information from multiple sources and formats to create data silos quickly and easily.

  • Provide your end-users with a powerful, simple yet flexible UI.

  • Cost effective platforms to complete new integrations quickly while providing a powerful back-end to enhance business applications.

  • Pre-configured connectors and integrations for many common systems.

  • UI driven integration and data management.

  • Lookup data in multiple collections to enrich your data file.

  • System accepts CSV, Excel, XML and JSON files.

  • Manages batched files.

  • Add new lines and perform complex mathematical functions.

  • Validate data and set email notifications on conditions.

  • Validation on each transform to easily resolve issues.

  • Transaction page to monitor transactions and identify issues.

  • Restart a process from any point in the workflow.

  • New connectors are shared with the community enriching the platform for all users​.

Pre-configured data feeds 
Data Warehouse
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Azure
Great Plains
B2B Payments
Oracle Micros
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