We don't need to replace your existing systems, our cloud service enhances information sharing and data control

Our integration tool is hosted in Microsoft Azure and offers a simple yet powerful UI for manipulating and processing data. Below are some of many uses:

  • Migrating data into a data warehouse

  • Syncing records in multiple systems

  • Receiving data from partners or suppliers

  • Creating a sales or marketing dashboard

  • Creating a single-customer view

  • Cloud based integration tool that can be used across a multitude of systems.

  • Applications include BI and reporting, Business Portals, ERP Connectors, Hospitality POS, Integration and Retail Connectors, Order Applications.

  • Extract, Transform and Load data through user interfaces in the Azure Cloud - Zero Development Environment.

  • Build connections fast and transform data seamlessly.

  • Integrate to customers and suppliers easily to eliminate manual data capture.

  • Build Portals to integrate and share information with your supply-chain.

  • Connect your business systems to improve efficiency.

  • Powerful integration and data management to supercharge your e-commerce systems.

  • Enhance payment systems through full procure to pay integration.

  • Transform and consolidate information from multiple sources and formats to create data silos quickly and easily.

  • Provide your end-users with a powerful, simple yet flexible UI.

  • Cost effective platforms to complete new integrations quickly while providing a powerful back-end to enhance business applications.

  • Pre-configured connectors and integrations for many common systems.

  • UI driven integration and data management.

  • Lookup data in multiple collections to enrich your data file.

  • System accepts CSV, Excel, XML and JSON files.

  • Manages batched files.

  • Add new lines and perform complex mathematical functions.

  • Validate data and set email notifications on conditions.

  • Validation on each transform to easily resolve issues.

  • Transaction page to monitor transactions and identify issues.

  • Restart a process from any point in the workflow.

  • New connectors are shared with the community enriching the platform for all users​.

Pre-configured data feeds 
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